Relegation as a drop of bitterness

relegation as a drop of bitterness

The end-of-year party of TSV harsdorf in the "zur tanne" hall was not only well attended, but also had an accent with the children’s theater piece "aufregung im marchenland" and the one-act play "you only turn 60 once" a sophisticated program. In his review of the year, TSV chairman manfred zapf referred to the upcoming 100th anniversary of the club, which is already starting with a new year’s eve party at metallbau schmitt.

Highlights of the past year were the sportsmen’s carnival, the slaughter festival, the spring festival, the maypole raising, the burger festival and the cabaret event with "das eich", which was attended by over 100 people. In the cultural sector, the theater department set the tone with the play "caviar meets currywurst" again an accent.

In the sporting field, the relegation of the 1. Team after twelve years in the A-class a bitter pill for the club. The problems were, according to the chairman, the serious injury worries and that the player departures could not be compensated for. Zapf also questioned whether the coach’s philosophy was not understood or the players’ attitude was poor. The team currently occupies fourth place in the rankings.

Zapf also had some good news to share: player-coach patrick schreiber has already signed on for the next season, and reinforcements are planned for the winter. The youth work with the kickers-SG and the clubs TSV trebgast, TSV neudrossenfeld and TSV harsdorf is running smoothly.

On the subject of construction and renovation work, zapf reported that the ball catching fence had been renovated and new replacement benches had been erected. The fubballers had contributed a great deal of their own work to the project. Around 7500 euros were invested for both measures.

Mayor gunther hubner made special mention of the TSV’s centenary celebrations on 9. Until 11. August 2019. Werner reibaus

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