relegation as a drop of bitterness

The end-of-year party of TSV harsdorf in the "zur tanne" hall was not only well attended, but also had an accent with the children’s theater piece "aufregung im marchenland" and the one-act play "you only turn 60 once" a sophisticated program. In his review of the year, TSV chairman manfred zapf referred to the upcoming 100th anniversary of the club, which is already starting with a new year’s eve party at metallbau schmitt.

Highlights of the past year were the sportsmen’s carnival, the slaughter festival, the spring festival, the maypole raising, the burger festival and the cabaret event with "das eich", which was attended by over 100 people. In the cultural sector, the theater department set the tone with the play "caviar meets currywurst" again an accent.

In the sporting field, the relegation of the 1. Team after twelve years in the A-class a bitter pill for the club. The problems were, according to the chairman, the serious injury worries and that the player departures could not be compensated for. Zapf also questioned whether the coach’s philosophy was not understood or the players’ attitude was poor. The team currently occupies fourth place in the rankings.

Vacation season also in the dettelbach city council. There then the main and building committee takes over the work. At the meeting on thursday evening, it became clear that city council members also take vacations, and of the seven regular members, five had sent their representatives. They worked their way through the almost 150 pages of meeting documents.

However: including the agenda and cover sheet, there were only six pages dealing with relevant dettelbach issues. The rest was a flat use and development plan change of the city of kitzingen in the area "schwarzacher strabe ost", in which the concerns of the city of dettelbach are not affected. Paper flood kept in check as dettelbacher rate get meeting documents delivered online.

Builders in the bibergauer strabe development area in euerfeld wanted to obtain approval for the erection of a 90-centimeter-high but still 24-meter-long retaining wall to support the debris as an exemption from the development plan. The rate refused to protect neighbors from view.

Later jubilation in the coburg em garden

On saturday, the broadcast of the match against portugal drew a real crowd of fans to the josiasgarten, which was filled to capacity long before kickoff. Tension instead of lighthearted jubilation – for a long time, that was true not only for the german eleven in their opening match, but also for the fans in the european championship garden. The behavior of the fans – a mirror image of the encounter on the pitch. Exciting goalmouth scenes were scarce for long stretches of the game. And when the fans only really get moving during the obligatory songs at halftime, that’s a sign of things to come.

Mario gomez’s opening goal set off vociferous emotions in josias-garten. And after the german team survived the hard-fought final quarter of an hour without conceding a goal, there was hardly any stopping them. Dancing fans on tables and benches celebrated the DFB team’s successful start to the tournament. After the experiences of the last tournaments, the police had already taken precautions for the subsequent motorcade. Barrier beacons were ready for a long time to close the hindenburgstrabe temporarily.

District administrator raises awareness of ecology

The district office of forchheim wants to show how diverse the region and the district are at the day of ecology. On saturday, 14. April, 33 different associations will be presenting themselves to the public from 10 a.M. To 2 p.M. On the parade square and in the courtyard of the district administration office. At 25 stands you can learn everything worth knowing about the topic of ecology. The range of topics is broad, from energy to agriculture to leisure time. "We call it our colorful carnival," says district administrator hermann ulm (CSU). "We are concerned with raising awareness among the population and awakening problem consciousness."Because the county should remain livable in the future and what the individual can do for it, should be answered at the ecological day.
However, visitors can also get active themselves and try out a quiz and various touch and feel stations. If you fancy a film, you can watch the cesar award-winning documentary "tomorrow. And if that is not enough for you, you will have the opportunity to try out an electric car and a minicourse.

The real occasion for the ecological day, however, is the awarding of the decadal prize of the united nations, which will be awarded today in munich. The county is awarded for the pretzfelder water meadows and the head oaks at the hetzleser mountain. "These are two outstanding projects," emphasizes the district administrator.

Already on friday the district office invites to an ecological symposium with following panel discussion. After the welcoming speech by district administrator hermann ulm, five presentations on the topic of ecology are planned. The symposium will conclude with a panel discussion moderated by brigitte weinbrecht entitled "prospects for the future". The event starts at 15.30 o’clock in the culture room st. Gereon. The end is about 19.30 o’clock planned.

Voting districts in prichsenstadt to be redrawn after 2014 municipal elections. The city council thus complies with a recommendation of the district administration, according to which the individual polling stations must be set up according to a legal basis in such a way that it is not possible to recognize how the individual voter voted.

Affected are the villages of bimbach (118 voters), jarkendorf (94), neudorf (107) and neuses am sand (94).

Actually, the council should have introduced the restructuring already for the next election, said deputy mayor alfons saugel (who represented mayor alfons falkenstein, who was ill for a long time). However, most of the city councillors could not warm to this. Hans-dieter kern, for example, argued that voter turnout is very high, especially in municipal elections, and that the peculiarities of this election make it impossible to tell how individuals voted. Councilman lothar ebert agreed and added that this restructuring could not be stopped, but that at least the municipal elections could still be held in the traditional polling places.

The human who helps the poor and hungry birds: setting up a bird feeder or hanging up a tit-noodle has been one of the most popular winter pastimes of the german people for decades. This way, native birds can be observed from close up on balconies, terraces or in the garden. In the winter months, three or forty years ago, there were no discussions about this. Frosty weeks and repeated snowfall made the search for food by the birds considerably more difficult.

In the meantime, the winters have become milder, and the current one has also been extremely temperate so far. Should we feed at all? Birds can take care of themselves, humans should stay out of it, some say. Others point out that due to intensive agriculture and often species-poor gardens, food bottlenecks are now occurring even at mild temperatures.

The landesbund fur vogelschutz (LBV) even advocates feeding the birds all year round. This improves the immune system of the animals and reduces stress. "But there are too few scientific studies on the effects of food offered by man", admits LBV press officer sonja dolfel. "But so far nothing is known, in what way it could hurt. And it is fun for many people to do this all year round."

Where to go?

Attractive metropolises exist all over the world. Which city you finally decide on depends on personal preferences, but the available travel budget also plays a role. Because most cities have one thing in common: the price level is usually quite high. For vacationers, admission prices, for example for cinemas, museums, exhibitions or amusement parks, play a major role. Equally important are the prices in restaurants, hotels and shops that invite shoppers on a stroll through town.

London is often considered the most expensive city for a city break. However, the city has a high price level, but this is compensated with an almost endless number of sights and wonderful attractions. Every tourist should have tried the popular guinness beer. Here you should calculate with about 5 euro per glass.

Are stonewiesener signs fearful or aiming?

For years, the topic of "uniform signage concept within the town" has been on the agenda in steinweisen in the room. Various designs have already been discussed.

In the youngest municipal council meeting, yannic wildner presented a concept as a basis for discussion, which is based on corporate design and thus has a high recognition value.
The aim is to improve the navigation within the town for guests and people who know the area, also to the local businesses. Wildner used photomontages to illustrate the possible locations.

During the discussion, richard rauh (SPD) totally criticized the concept. He said "that the boards look terrible" and too rough are. In addition, far too many locations are under discussion. Jurgen eckert (CSU) countered that this was only a rough draft, the height of about 2.30 meters was "completely in order".

Christ thorn and Judas tree

It is almost like a morning prayer to nature. A ritual. When there is still dew on the meadows, liselotte schlierf particularly enjoys roaming through her bible garden, enjoying a half hour of peace and quiet, plotting how she could make her green creed even more attractive. And then she bucks – quite automatically – and plucks: "the weeds don't even stop at paradise", she sighs.
There is always something to do on the ca. 360 square meters of rough area at the end of burghaslach. Now in spring it starts to sprout. "It is thought that some plants did not survive the hard winter. But then the ground comes to a head." For the 53-year-old, easter is also a time of departure for new life. "There is always something to come", she muses and thinks of dear people she has lost in recent years.

The blood of the apostle

There is something to tell about each of the 55 outdoor and ten cube plants. The judas tree, for example, is already covered with purple pimples before the first leaf appears. "They symbolize the drops of blood of the apostle who betrayed jesus", woman liselotte schlierf. Blood? Judas did not hang himself? No matter.
Other plants are specifically mentioned in the bible. "You don't harvest figs from thorn bushes", it's called lukas. And johannes quotes: "i am the vine, you are the vines." Bush and blackberry, mulberry and myrtle, juniper and wormwood, mustard and water lily – there are no limits to the variety. "Some things grow well on our french clay soil. Other things have to hibernate in the house," explains explains liselotte schlierf, who became a real gardener out of love. The nurnberg native, who is actually a trained flotist, married a landscape gardener; the schlierf tree nursery has existed in burghaslach since 1946. Liselotte initially devoted herself to raising her four daughters, but then immersed herself more and more intensively in the world of plants.

Tv ebern wants to use the home advantage

All in all, the preparation was satisfactory. Although there were always regulars missing who could not train due to illness, work or vacation, but the rest was very committed and with full dedication to the cause.

With a varied preparation program and the support of ralf hafner, trainer joachim kraft gave his men the fitness they needed. The eleven also always sold themselves quite well in the preparatory games. So the TVE was on eye level with the regional league augsfeld for 90 minutes and lost only narrowly with 1:2. A last test at short notice on the artificial turf in hallstadt he won against the district league team from schwabthal with 4:0.

All players have recommended themselves for a use
However, stegaurach will be of a different caliber. Although trainer kraft was unable to call on his strongest lineup in any of the test matches, the players who stepped in did not replace him in any way. It will be interesting to see which eleven he will trust on sunday. It doesn't matter who comes on: it is important to work as a team and, if possible, "to zero" to play.