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What is cryptojacking? How it works and how you can prevent it

Cryptocurrency investors are constantly warned about the threat of hackers seeking to steal money from online cryptocurrency exchanges and told to store their cryptocurrency offline as a precaution. But now there’s a new threat coming to town, and the way to prevent it might not be as simple. Cryptojacking, also known as malicious cryptomining, is one of the newest threats to cryptocurrency investors, and in the hacking sphere, has surpassed malware in its number of attacks in 2018. Kaspersky reports that almost half of users have experienced a cryptojacking attack in the past year, and that number is not expected to decrease as long as it continues to be profitable to hackers.

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What would happen if cryptocurrency became more popular than cash?

It would forever change how our society spends and saves.

The Flippening

For a time, Bitcoin seemed unassailable in its dominance of the cryptocurrency market, being the first digital currency to really take root and establish itself in the mainstream. Since then, a host of worthy competitors have emerged, and there’s a real possibility that the balance of power could flip.

Many who have been regularly following developments in the cryptocurrency market refer to the tipping point where one digital currency supersedes another as "the flippening" We almost saw this occur in May 2017, when Ethereum’s market cap approached Bitcoin’s amid a surge in popularity.

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The sports betting tips today football predictions

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Investing in cryptocurrency: yes or no

Capital investments: the world has already realized that cryptocurrencies are the future, so to speak, and the next evolutionary step of cash. For example, Tesla has invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoins, and Grayscale holds the largest Bitcoin package, valued at $7.4 billion. If you looked at the growth rates of the most popular cryptocurrencies over the past year, you might ask yourself: Can I start investing in cryptocurrencies now?

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Where to buy the newly launched baby luna classic?

Charles is a reporter for Invezz. He has a degree in mechatronics, but was attracted to the exciting world of… read more.

  • Baby Luna Classic is a new project launched in September 2022
  • It is based on the Binance Smart Chain, which makes the BLUNC token a BEP-20 token
  • Here's where you can find out where to buy the BLUNC token

Since the disastrous Terra Luna debacle, there has been a lot of activity around the original Terra project, which was abandoned after the Terra hardfork that led to the creation of Terra 2.0 resulted, was renamed Terra Luna Classic, while retaining the original Terra LUNA (LUNA/USD) token. Baby Luna Classic is the latest project associated with Luna Classic.

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How much it costs to mine 1 bitcoin in the usa


Cryptocurrencies have been struggling in recent weeks, but so far it's also been a very profitable roller coaster ride for investors – for those with strong nerves. Last year, digital currencies increased by a total of more than 3.300%, which is a return that would have taken the stock market decades to achieve. Even if crypto valuations have risen since hitting an all-time high on 7. January were cut in half, the combined market capitalization dropped by about 2.200% higher than at the beginning of 2017.

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What does bitcoin miner hosting mean: guide to choose the best miner hosting

Cryptocurrency, mining, blockchain – all this stuff flooded the Internet and it seems that everyone already knows the intricacies of working with digital money. But this is only at first glance. Successful work with cryptocurrency can increase your income and allows you to discover a new way of making money, and turn a regular hobby into your life’s mission. Mining has been on the market for a long time, but it is only in recent years that people have started to actively engage in cryptocurrency mining. This is accompanied by the appearance of powerful mining hardware, high-end devices and mining hosting. You probably also heard about bitcoin hosting Minery – a company which changed the attitude to mining. But let’s understand in detail what is behind crypto mining and how to choose the best hosting provider.

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