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Do you want your teeth to experience a color improvement from 4 to 7 shades lighter after a single treatment? Well, you’re in luck because Dague Dental Solutions can help you achieve the brilliant smile you want with a simple in-office ZOOM! teeth whitening appointment. Teeth Discoloration Your teeth can give you away if you […]

Putting off your filling is not ideal. Many patients realize they have an issue long before their check up. Common symptoms of decay include: Pain Chewing On One Side Only Cracked, Chipped or Damaged Tooth Excessive Bleeding During Flossing Discoloration What Are Tooth Colored Fillings? Dental fillings are used to restore teeth that have been […]

While straight teeth are without a doubt necessary for a beautiful smile, they are additionally important for the general wellness of your mouth. Misaligned teeth are at increased risk for plaque accumulation and degeneration, since their misalignment creates tough-to-reach areas where damaging microorganisms can reside. Additionally, crooked teeth can be much more difficult to floss […]

Almost any kind of dental procedure can be classified as sedation dentistry as long as the patient is sedated while the procedure is performed. Sedation can range from mild to heavy, and increases your pain threshold so you do not feel anything during the procedure. Although you remain awake after being sedated, you feel very […]