Water rescuer … At first glance, this sounds so unspectacular. You just get someone out of the water, bassd scho. There the term rescue diver is nevertheless already more runnier. One thinks involuntarily of heroism, perhaps even of the navy seals. That there is much more behind the water saver becomes clear when one delves deeper into the material, in the truest sense of the word.

The special service badge for water rescuers is by no means handed to you on a silver platter. As a prerequisite for the acquisition, one must have a CPR training (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), the german rescue swimming badge in silver and a sanitary training as well as be actively involved as a rescue swimmer in the water rescue service. During the training, the trainee learns how to.A. A radio training and learns the knotenkunde. In addition, training as a water rescuer is a prerequisite for training as a rescue diver or boat driver. So much for the theory.

To find out more about the water rescuer, the hochstadt water rescue group is the right contact, as it has 13 water rescuers. Two of these silent heroes, the chairman of the local water rescue group, alexander pauls (34), and the deputy youth leader, jonas dresel (22), answer the following questions.

Operation under difficult conditions

A normal fire pushed the fire department to its limits early on sunday afternoon in herzogenaurach. A double garage was on fire and threatened to spread to the nearby apartment building. The 60 or so firefighters were able to largely prevent this from happening. However, one of them collapses due to heat exhaustion during the operation, and the others are also struggling with the high temperatures. This added to the difficulty of the firefighting operations, which had to be carried out quickly and effectively in order to prevent further spread of the fire, according to a report by the news portal news5.

Already on the approach a strong smoke development was to be seen and the leader of the operation had already alerted further forces thereupon. However permanently six troops under breath protection were necessary, in order to extinguish the flames. According to the report, the adjacent hedge fell victim to the fire, just as the high temperatures of the fire melted the roller blinds on the directly attached residential building. Flames also licked the roof truss of the house, but it did not catch fire.

Meanwhile, the firefighters also had to salvage gas cylinders from the burning double garage and then cool them down. A parked car burst into flames, while the owner was able to drive out and save another car beforehand.

Grune attacks pirates

"All for nothing" is too little as a program, said grunen leader cem ozdemir on monday after a meeting of the federal executive committee in dusseldorf. Who will be elected on 13. May vote for the pirates, could end up with a rough coalition. NRW education minister sylvia lohrmann accused the pirates of "not wanting to take responsibility at all.

Pirate top candidate joachim paul meanwhile signaled willingness to support the future state government. "When our faction makes sure that a good proposal gets through, then that is something like co-governing, even if we are not nominally involved with ministers", he told "zeit online". The pirates are basically ready to govern, said paul. But there would be no coalition statement before the state election. According to polls, the pirates have a good chance of getting into the state parliament.

The NRW CDU does not want to chum up to its new competitor. That would be pointless, even "complete nonsense," said general secretary oliver wittke in dusseldorf. The pirate party has two types of supporters. The smaller group of "internet youngsters" and the larger group of protest voters. In both cases, it is difficult for the christian democrats to reach these supporters.

Sebastian martin when there is a clash between security staff and residents in block 7 of the anchor center, a 38-year-old police officer is still sitting with his colleague in the desk of the bamberg police station in schildstrabe. A short time later, he has to be taken by ambulance from the refugee facility to the hospital.

In the anchor center he was hit on the head by an object. He had a blow spurt, he told the juvenile chamber of the regional court. Which object it was exactly, he no longer knows. Only that: "it rattled, then I collapsed." He suffered a needle contusion, was brought to safety by other police officers holding shields over their heads for protection.

Before that, the 38-year-old and his colleague had been alerted from the writing room. Together with other colleagues, they were supposed to reinforce the police officers in the anchor center in order to get the riots there under control. The public prosecutor’s office holds four eritreans responsible for this. They are on trial for dangerous bodily harm and particularly serious arson.