open church night on the eve of reformation day

With an "open church night" celebrates the evangelical-lutheran church congregation grafenberg on the eve of 31. October the 500. Reformation anniversary.
Under the motto "have courage. Trust traces. Finding freedom" between 8 p.M. And midnight, meditative stations in the dreieinigkeitskirche and the evangelical parish hall invite people to set out in search of freedom. With candlelight and lights, with singing and silence, with words and music, with creativity and relaxation, with images and sounds, with blessing and anointing, visitors can find new strength for everyday life.
"Martin luther rediscovered that god gives people freedom from fear, from evil constraints and from guilt. During the church night people were allowed to discover and enjoy this space of freedom for themselves", explains pastor ruth neufeld, who is responsible for the organization of the "open church night is responsible.

In his own rhythm

The "open church night is not a service that begins and ends at a specific time. Throughout the evening, visitors to the church and parish hall are free to come, stay and leave as they please. The church night ends with a closing prayer at 23.40 o’clock. At midnight, the church’s trombone choir will mark reformation day with the luther hymn "ein feste burg ist unser gott" (a strong castle is our god) bury and the "open church night" remained.

The honorary chairman of the flobverein unterrodach 1864, dieter murmann, was honored on the occasion of his 80th birthday. On the occasion of his 60th birthday, he received numerous congratulations from all walks of life. The extremely popular jubilarian has led the local fishing club – which has 210 members – for 26 years with great success. He also served in various capacities in the village community. In the meantime, murmann has been a singer for 65 years and has been responsible for the finances of the mannergesangverein for 55 years.

Congratulators hardly to count

This broad-based commitment was honored in a special way in 2006 with the bavarian minister-president's badge of honor. Dieter murmann was also a member of the board of directors of the soldier's association and of the hunting club. He also feels connected for decades with the music club zeyern, the fruit and gardening association unterrodach, with the guards, the frankenwaldverein and the farmers. The idealist also served for many years on the church board of the evangelische kirchengemeinde unterrodach in the public service. A special concern of dieter murmann was the local flea museum, which he helped to establish. The number of congratulators was almost unimaginable. On the occasion of the day of honor there was hard work for the jubilarian. Mayor norbert grabner praised the exemplary voluntary work of dieter murmann. The congratulations of the flobverein unterrodach, together with other active 2. Chairman christian heller, who emphasized the exemplary commitment to the flober community.
The former district local keeper gerd fleischmann thanked the jubilarian for his remarkable work around the flora on local and district level. 

Music and singing with an international touch in ebern

"Where there is singing, there let yourself be at ease." A large number of burghers accepted the invitation of the evangelical church community of ebern to spend an entertaining afternoon on the grassy area behind the house of worship. The special: there were 13 guests from the village apàca near kronstadt in siebenburgen (romania) present and four visitors from the budapester deàk-platz-gemeinde (hungary) had come.

Pastor bernd grosser was pleased and said: "we always have a small meeting in the parish at the beginning of the year, which this year was held under the motto ‘kein schoner land’." As groups spontaneously agreed to participate, it was possible to invite them to this event. Grosser was particularly pleased that guests from budapest with parish priest ferenc cselovszky and from siebenburgen in romania with pastor ilona sìmon had arrived. 1600 kilometers was the journey from siebenburgen.

Under mediation of the budapest partner community a trip of members of the evangelic church community ebern to apàca had taken place in 2018. "The local hungarian-speaking lutheran congregation also maintains a partnership with the budapest congregation", bernd grosser explained. "We are europe here", he said in view of the european elections on the same day. "So we are an international group today, and that’s great," said, said the clergyman.

opera director wants more language in the barenboim conflict

After massive criticism of star conductor daniel barenboim, there are to be further speeches and meetings at the berlin staatsoper unter den linden. For that, intendant matthias schulz also relies on external support, as he told dpa.

The musician willi hilgers, who is now playing in munich, had made serious accusations against barenboim and had spoken of frequent harassment, among other things. Other musicians had also voiced criticism, in some cases harshly, either anonymously or by name. Barenboim rejected the accusations about his personal behavior in an interview with the dpa, but at the same time showed himself willing to talk about it.

Intendant schulz now said that, after the first disclosures, he and berlin's culture senator klaus lederer (left) had come to the conclusion that there should be a talk with the entire staff. "During this conversation, I once again made it very fundamentally clear how important an open, value-creating corporate culture is and how we can achieve this together."

This is the sound of a royal love story

The speaker, angelika tasler, succeeded in offering the large audience both historical education and interesting entertainment with words, sound and pictures. An important role was also played by prince albert's own compositions, performed by sofia kallio and rainer scheerer, accompanied by angelika tasler.
"Dearest, most dearly beloved victoria" – this is how many of the prince's letters to his cousin, whom he married in 1840, begin. It remained a royal love story until after his untimely death. From many quotations from letters and other sources, angelika tasler developed a lively portrait of the two main characters, with frequent reference to albert's brother ernst II. And uncle leopold of belgium were included.
Like his brother ernst, who was even successful as an opera composer, albert was also musically gifted and active as a composer. However, he cultivated more the small form, especially the piano song. The fact that he was quite capable of setting texts to music with feeling was revealed by the song contributions, which came mainly from his youth. Rainer scheerer first interpreted "grub an den bruder" with an expressive, cultivated baritone, for which albert also wrote the text.

Schumann and mendelssohn
Sensitive melody and simple accompaniment – chordal or broken – showed a skilful use of romantic stylistic devices and were obviously trained on the models of schumann and mendelssohn. Equally convincing was scheerer's "die vereidigung" ("the oath"), which changed from minor to major and back again according to a text by ernst II. And the funny, very textually composed "an einen boten".

Pain of love

Bertelsmann with revenue growth - selective short-time working

After a good business year in 2019, the bertelsmann group considers itself well rested for the current year despite the coronavirus crisis.

Bertelsmann is very liquid and has a good credit rating, said thomas rabe, chairman of the executive board, on tuesday at the presentation of the 2019 annual financial statements in gutersloh. "With the broad base of our businesses, we are less vulnerable to economic fluctuations and can continue to invest in our future without having to cut into our assets."

At the same time, the media, services and education company with more than 126,000 employees worldwide is experiencing the first effects of the coronavirus crisis. Not across the board, but in isolated cases, there is short-time work, said rabe. As an example, he mentioned special areas in the service businesses. "At arvato, for example, in one or two service businesses, we use short-time work and will continue to do so."