Are stonewiesener signs fearful or aiming?

For years, the topic of "uniform signage concept within the town" has been on the agenda in steinweisen in the room. Various designs have already been discussed.

In the youngest municipal council meeting, yannic wildner presented a concept as a basis for discussion, which is based on corporate design and thus has a high recognition value.
The aim is to improve the navigation within the town for guests and people who know the area, also to the local businesses. Wildner used photomontages to illustrate the possible locations.

During the discussion, richard rauh (SPD) totally criticized the concept. He said "that the boards look terrible" and too rough are. In addition, far too many locations are under discussion. Jurgen eckert (CSU) countered that this was only a rough draft, the height of about 2.30 meters was "completely in order".

The keeper of the Munnerstadt past

"I want to give the past a future", says klaus dieter guhling, the master of countless shelf meters full of books, newspapers, photos, posters, files, century-old folios and much else that is collectible to document the history of the city of munnerstadt. He has been the honorary director of the city archive in the zehntscheune for 33 years. This work keeps him young, a few days ago he celebrated his 80th birthday. Birthday.

That klaus dieter guhling would one day find his home in munnerstadt on the edge of the rhon was not preordained for him. He was born on 1. June 1940 in warthegau in what is now poland. His father had to go to war as a soldier and was reported missing in action in russia in 1943. "I don’t know what it’s like to have a father", says guhling therefore. In the fall of 1945, he was expelled from poland together with his mother and sister. They came to marktredwitz in the upper franconian district of wunsiedel in the fichtelgebirge mountains. Klaus dieter attended elementary school here and passed his school-leaving examination at the gymnasium in 1960. "We felt at home here, we were doing well", he says about this time.

He then moved 400 kilometers away to tubingen in swabia to study. There he studied greek, romance and german literature at the eberhard karls university. "It was a carefree and beautiful time, without worrying about where it was all going", looking back on this time, he states. In 1963 he traveled for two and a half months through greece to get to know the places like athens, delphi or olympia that are mentioned in ancient literature. After that it was clearer to him what his goal was.

The hallerndorf town council has approved a total of 40 building applications

Since november, sabrina dormann, a trained businesswoman, has been working on a temporary basis in the mayor’s office at hallerndorf town hall, taking care of events and the regnitz-aisch alliance. The 34-year-old comes from baiersdorf, is married and has two children.

Marcus werber, together with his daughters laura and helena, provided the musical framework for the contemplative review of the year by the municipal council. Pastor matthias steffel provided the spiritual impetus, and mayor torsten gunselmann (G) looked back on the year that had not yet fully passed. The municipal council approved a total of 40 building applications this year, so the development of new building areas is unavoidable, gunselmann noted: "but only as many as are actually in demand."

Renovation of the school

The general renovation of the elementary and middle school and the new kindergarten in pautzfeld are just two of hallerndorf’s ambitious projects for which the time is now right, gunselmann stressed. The community was honored with a state award for the renovation of the community center in pautzfeld, which was presented to the community representatives by state minister michaela kaniber (CSU). The jury had decided in favor of the community center thanks to the great commitment of the village community, the mayor reported, stating: "hallerndorf is doing well." It was exactly the right time to tackle things.

Wind turbines affect the forest

In the 49. At the meeting, the municipal councils were in demand above all as experts for burials and as forestry experts. The "statutes governing the use of the cemetery and burial facilities" include the following 38 paragraphs on 13 pages, and what is so romantically called a "forest session" the report, which is described as a "2017 operating statement," turns out to be a "2017 operating statement, "review of the forestry plan" "forest management appraisals." , fixing timber prices" and "operational plan for 2018": clearly presented on -about- two dozen slides.

Highest attention is required. However, forestry director hubert turich from the bad neustadt forestry office and the new head of the community forest, matthias lunz, are able to explain the complex material clearly. And if there are any questions about the 500 hectares of forest in the municipality, council member reinhard landgraf from rottershausen, the former forest manager of the municipality’s forest, sits on the committee and explains everything about vegetation surveys, nature conservation parameters, rejuvenation and old thinning.

In addition to cherry, tree hazel, norway maple and service tree, 25 cedars and 200 douglas firs are also planted for intermixing in the course of climate warming. Last but not least, the construction of three wind turbines, which will have a considerable impact on the forest, is a reason to revise the 20-year forest management plan now, after only ten years, suggests forestry director turich, and the committee follows the proposal. In the program for 2018 are, among other things, 2710 fixed meters of total felling and the road repair to the wind turbines.