invisalign clear braces davenport ia

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invisalign clear braces davenport ia

While straight teeth are without a doubt necessary for a beautiful smile, they are additionally important for the general wellness of your mouth. Misaligned teeth are at increased risk for plaque accumulation and degeneration, since their misalignment creates tough-to-reach areas where damaging microorganisms can reside. Additionally, crooked teeth can be much more difficult to floss and properly clean, causing elevated risk of decay. Uneven teeth additionally show much more harmful bite patterns and aggravate the gums. Taken together, these concerns place not only your teeth but your whole mouth at risk.

At Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne we understand that many people think of children and teens when they contemplate braces and the process of remedying crooked, misshapen teeth. However, the truth is that patients of all ages can easily take advantage of straighter teeth. And for adults who don’t want to sacrifice their smile to metal braces — even for just a little while — Invisalign clear braces are the top option.

Invisalign therapy is comprised of a series of custom-built aligners that fix the teeth a little at a time. Every case is different, but the various aligners are normally worn for a few weeks each. They can conveniently be taken out for eating, cleaning and flossing, but are worn at all other times. The aligners are distinctively crafted to gradually force the teeth in the desired direction, with each aligner building on the work of the previous, until the end result of perfectly straight teeth is reached.

In the past, wearing braces promised several years of therapy, together with lip and gum inflammation, food bits trapped in brackets and several other nuisances. Invisalign users need not fret about any of these problems. The aligners are slim and entirely protected and comfortable in the mouth. Because they are taken out for meals and cleaning, they are much easier to keep clean.

In addition, Invisalign wearers often complete their teeth straightening in a year or under. And possibly the best thing: No one will even know that you are using the aligners.