Sedation dentistry relieves treatment fears

4 Jan, 2021 | editor | No Comments

Sedation dentistry relieves treatment fears

Almost any kind of dental procedure can be classified as sedation dentistry as long as the patient is sedated while the procedure is performed. Sedation can range from mild to heavy, and increases your pain threshold so you do not feel anything during the procedure. Although you remain awake after being sedated, you feel very sleepy and time seems to pass quickly. The best thing about sedation dentistry is that even the heaviest forms of sedation only last a few hours.

There are two types of sedation, oral sedation and inhaled sedation. most dentists utilizes oral sedation, or anxiolysis. This is a mild form of sedation brought on by taking two pills at home prior to being driven to the office by a family member or friend. Sedation patients will be able to relax while remaining awake the whole time. They are able to breathe on their own, and it takes a few hours after the procedure for the effects of the sedative to wear off. In the end, many patients have no memory of the procedure or even being driven to and from their appointments.

The key benefits:

  • The sight of the instruments that usually incite your fears do not provoke anxiety under the effects of the sedative.

  • Your pain threshold is increased temporarily and you don’t feel discomfort during the dental procedure.

  • With your anxiety gone, you are able to relax and avoid unnecessary movements such as fidgeting that might interrupt the procedure.

  • If your dental procedure requires that your mouth be held open for an extended period, something that can otherwise cause pain, the discomfort can be avoided with the help of sedation dentistry.

  • Last but certainly not least: Once you realize that you will not experience any unnecessary pain during your dental procedure, you will be free to receive the dental care you need to maintain good health.