What does bitcoin miner hosting mean: guide to choose the best miner hosting

Cryptocurrency, mining, blockchain – all this stuff flooded the Internet and it seems that everyone already knows the intricacies of working with digital money. But this is only at first glance. Successful work with cryptocurrency can increase your income and allows you to discover a new way of making money, and turn a regular hobby into your life’s mission. Mining has been on the market for a long time, but it is only in recent years that people have started to actively engage in cryptocurrency mining. This is accompanied by the appearance of powerful mining hardware, high-end devices and mining hosting. You probably also heard about bitcoin hosting Minery – a company which changed the attitude to mining. But let’s understand in detail what is behind crypto mining and how to choose the best hosting provider.

How to Start Mining Crypto?

Let’s start with the basics. Cryptocurrency systems have no central authority that checks transactions and writes them into the chain. Blockchain works by the efforts of miners who are rewarded for finding blocks. Participants solve one problem. But coins go to whoever finds the solution first.

The algorithm is built so that calculations always take the same amount of time. The greater the combined power of the miners’ equipment, the more complex the task.

To create a new block, you have to solve a complex issue – find a hash function. Digital currency mining is now fully automated. The user just has to turn on the equipment and install the miner program. And some people choose proven bitcoin hosting Minery, where they can place their hardware and forget about the issues of noise, waste of electricity, etc.

For mining digital coins to be profitable, you need to prepare for the work:

  • Calculate the potential payback of the farm.
  • Prepare a room to set up equipment.
  • Buy and set up a farm.
  • Choose a pool to receive coins.
  • Connect a wallet to transfer rewards.
  • Install and set up a mining app.
  • Start mining.

Regularly perform preventive maintenance of the equipment.

But to facilitate your work you can choose mining hosting and trust real professionals in their business.

What Is Behind Mining Hosting?

You can mine on a CPU, a video card, a hard drive, or an ASIC. The choice of equipment depends on the budget and the purpose of mining. To launch a cryptocurrency mining business, ASIC devices are preferred.

ASICs have one clear task – to mine the cryptocurrency. This equipment is configured with SHA-256 algorithms, which means you can mine a variety of coins that work with this algorithm. The efficiency of crypto mining on ASIC exceeds other methods dozens of times. Among the disadvantages are only high price, loudness and strong vibrations during operation. But these problems can be solved by hosting. After all, it is the placement of your facilities in a convenient location, where all factors are considered. Also, some companies offer rental capacity, which means you don’t need to buy equipment at all, but only to pay a fixed cost, which is specified in the agreement.

Is Mining Hosting the Right Choice?

Hosting mining is always a great choice if you want to produce cryptocurrency but don’t have the space to host the hardware.

There are some factors to consider when choosing the best company. First is the price of electricity. Choose a company that is located in regions with cheap electricity prices. That way you will have to spend less money to pay for it.

Also, focus on the location of the company and the placement of equipment in colder places. This will ensure timely cooling and ventilation of the hardware.

Pay attention to the team. It should be professionals who have been working with mining for years.

Make sure that the company offers equipment insurance.

The presence of additional features, like stores with equipment will also be a plus, because you will be able to buy the necessary devices without surcharges.

What are the Pros of Mining Hosting?

  • Reducing the cost of rent and electricity,
  • Saving your time, because specialists deal with everything,
  • Free equipment repair covered by insurance,
  • 24/7 monitoring of hardware,
  • Environmental safety,
  • Hosting places your hardware in cost-effective locations,
  • Ability to plan your investment.


If you decide to mine or not, the answer is, of course, YES. It is necessary to think over all the processes and to be sure that you invest the money correctly. Today the most proven way is mining hosting, where they will do everything for you: place the equipment, monitor the work and cooling and ventilation systems. All you have is to pay a fixed fee and mine crypto.